Just Sell Him the Damn Tires!

Most likely you’ve heard the expression that “people don’t like to be sold to, but they do like buy.” It’s a simple statement, yet carries significant meaning for sure. I recently had a conversation with a fellow marketing professional who owns and operates her own agency in the Atlanta area. We like to collaborate from…


Cold Email Fails and How to Avoid Them

One reason people hate email is because of the constant incoming flow of lousy, cold outreach emails they receive. Avoid these common mistakes to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Have you gotten any cold emails from sales or business development reps lately? If so, how do you know they were cold outreach attempts? What did you recognize in those emails that stood out for all the wrong reasons? Were any of them so bad that they actually triggered your gag reflexes?


Building the Marketing Machine for Company X

Company X is a B2B Technology solution provider in need of more effective marketing methods to generate qualified sales leads for their sales reps and account managers. They have recognized the need to modernize their marketing mission as well as include participation and collaboration requirement from other departments to assist in the success of this…