Competitive Solutions Success Story

Solution: Marketing Strategy leveraging content to generate sales leads.


Company Profile

Established in 1991, Competitive Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is a leadership training and business scorecard consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations improve communication, develop meaningful business scorecards, create accountability at all levels and set behavioral expectations using their Process Based Leadership methodology.


Marketing Challenge

Competitive Solutions, Inc. is well established, successful consulting firm that earned new business with traditional methods, such as trade shows and other speaking engagements, cold calling, printed newsletters and word of mouth. With the emergence of social media, screen sharing platforms, smartphones and sophisticated email solutions CSI began seeing in-person event attendance drop and a decline in the effectiveness of placing phone calls as society shifted behaviors away from landlines and responding to voice mails. The traditional methods were time consuming, costly, not scalable.


Marketing Strategy Implemented

With changing behaviors and emerging technologies gaining popularity, it was decided that a new strategy focused on content creation, social interaction and live, interactive webinars would be deployed. Along with content, a brand refresh was suggested to modernize their image and better support the new content.


End Results

With a new, content-driven strategy featuring weekly helpful blog posts, monthly educational webinars, an improved, rebranded website, and clear calls-to-action based on customer needs instead of a company-focused menu of products, CSI achieved great results, such as:

  • 5000+ new social followers
  • 200% increase on new contacts
  • 350% increase in website traffic
  • 800% increase in email open rates
  • 600% increase in inbound sales leads via opt-in
  • 370% in sales qualified leads via webinars and white


Full Success Story

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