Cognosos Success Story

Solution: Account Based Marketing using email, direct mail, landing pages and contact forms.


Company Profile

Located in midtown Atlanta, Cognosos is an Internet of Thing (IoT) startup that graduated through the ATDC incubator. Cognosos provides a complete IoT solution allowing customers to connect wirelessly to any object to which their device is attached. By leveraging software defined radio (SDR) technology, Cognosos has been able to achieve breakthroughs in wireless price and performance without the need for custom chip design.


Marketing Challenge

As a small startup, Cognosos faced the classic challenge of communicating their technology’s capabilities and values to potential customers. The primary purpose of their solution is to provide a more cost effective, real-time inventory management and asset tracking system. Initially, their strategy involved attending trade shows, leveraging a long-term relationship with a highly skilled sales rep with a background in the automotive industry, cold calling and some traditional direct mail. Their challenges included lack of time, limited visibility, and difficulty pinpointing appropriate market segments and decision makers.


Marketing Strategy Implemented

It was decided that a new strategy would be deployed to target different segments of the Automotive industry. One such segment is called Finished Vehicle Logistics. Vehicle Processing Centers receive new vehicles from manufacturers, then add finishing touches, such as technology updates, spoilers, and other desired upgrades. After carefully researching the target market it was discovered that a mere seven companies controlled about 90% of the total Finished Vehicle Logistics market. Knowing this, an Account Based Marketing strategy was developed and deployed. A multi-channel campaign was created incorporating personalized emails, an infographic, a short video demo, custom landing pages and a creative direct mail package.


End Results

The primary objective of the campaign was to secure sales meetings with company leaders who were responsible for daily operations and logistics. Of the seven companies targeted in the campaign, three of them responded to the outreach and scheduled sales calls, demos and on site visits. With the combination of different contact methods and creative messaging, the campaign provided the sales team with leads for 3 out of the 7 companies on their target list.


Full Success Story

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